Pulling the Thread August 24 2015

by Heather Case

If a friend invited you on a mystery trip, would you go? If she refused to give you any details, but said trust me, itll be a grand adventure!Would you be excited? Or, would you think she might be trying to helpyou overcome your fear of heights? Or, would you worry she might forget your aversion to motels with doors on the outside of the building? Yep, thats how my crazy brain works.

To some, going on a mystery trip might sound like big fun, but to me, not so much. Im a recovering control freak. If you want me to have a good time, I need details. I like knowing what to expect and when to expect it. I dont really enjoy surprises. If you give me one, Ill feign elation, because I dont want to hurt your feelings, but inside Ill be wishing I couldve prepared to enjoy it. Can anyone relate to this?

When God put it on my heart to start One Purse I wrestled with fear over taking the first step. I knew he was inviting me on a journey with him, but I didnt have any idea where it would lead. For my high control, risk adverse personality it was a huge leap of faith. An author and teacher that I follow, Jen Hatmaker, shares an idea she calls pulling the thread. She talks about not letting fear or selfishness hold you back from what God is asking you to do, but instead taking the first step, and following wherever it leads. Looking back, pulling the threadis exactly what I did. In 2011 the only thread I knew was that One Purse was suppose to involve handbags, women, and children in need. God doesnt tell us all the details up front. When he puts something on our heart, he wants us to follow him in faith, believing that if hes called us to it, hell show us the way. As we step out, he begins to give us a glimpse of the tapestry that hes weaving, and its often broken and beautiful all at the same time.

As God moved the focus of One Purse toward serving young sex trafficking survivors, I started to realize that the reason their stories gripped me so deeply was because there were pieces of my own past that were woven with similar pain. If I had known where the One Purse journey was going to lead, if I had known that I would have to come to terms with some dark places from my own story, I wouldnt have had the courage to pull the thread. The evil of sex-trafficking, especially among children, is about as dark as it gets. But, what I now see is that Gods plan for One Purse is to bring light into that darkness. Hes given us a unique opportunity to be a part of his redemption plan for these young girls. Through our One Purse gatherings were able to share about the issue of sex-trafficking and give compassionate women a simple way to make a significant difference in the hearts and stories of those we serve. 

So next time a need tugs at your heart, or a story stirs up a passion within you to act, dont be afraid to pull the thread. A trusted friend is inviting you on a journey and He will unravel your next right steps along the way. Soon youll see the mystery give way to a grand adventure, revealing a wonderful tapestry of joy and beauty you never dreamed possible.