One Purse Heartbeat June 2018 Newsletter June 30 2018

I don’t like pain, I avoid it every chance I get! I don’t like to experience it myself and I don’t like to witness it in others. When I was younger, I never wanted to have kids because I was afraid of the pain. Four children later, and forty plus years into life, I’ve known a bit of physical and emotional pain, and if I were running the universe, I would wipe it out! However, I’m not in charge (good news for all of us), and I’ve chosen to surrender my life to God, and to trust that His ways are higher than my ways. Pain, and the reasons that God allows it in our world, are way above my pay grade, but I’ve come to believe that it hinges on a few things: our free will and His ultimate knowledge and goodness. This is not always easy for our finite human minds to understand, but again I choose to trust Him...Click here to read the full One Purse Heartbeat Newsletter.