Survivor Story: Christa and Into the Jordan August 20 2016

by Heather Case

While visiting Naples for a One Purse Gathering hosted by the ladies of the First Baptist Church of Naples, we met with a woman by the name of Christa Hicks. Christa runs a ministry for trafficked and exploited women just up the road from you in Ft. Myers, called Into the Jordan. During Christa’s time in ministry she has served over 100 women in Ft. Myers and the surrounding area. 


Into the Jordan is a drop-in facility that provides sexually exploited and trafficked women with counseling, mentoring, and assistance with basic needs, including safe home placements. As a survivor herself, Christa knows that sharing Jesus with the women is fundamental to the ministry. One way that she begins to build relationships with the ladies is by inviting them to participate in fitness classes that she provides. Along the way Christa has identified that it’s a priority for the women to gain control over their bodies which have been so terribly abused and exploited. She has found that physical fitness helps them to do that. She also knows that these women desperately need to develop economic stability apart from the lives they have known. To that end, Christa has a dream of obtaining her own fitness instructor license and expanding her facility to include a fitness studio. By becoming licensed, Christa will be able to certify some of the women that Into the Jordan serves, and give them an opportunity to begin teaching fitness classes themselves, as a way to make income. 


Through generous gifts by One Purse supporters, One Purse was able to provide Christa with an initial grant to start working on her fitness instructor license and that seed will multiply to benefit many of the sex trafficking survivors that she serves.


We wanted to share this news with you so that you can celebrate with us, and also to make you aware of the work that Into the Jordan ministries is doing in a community near you. For more information and to serve with Into the Jordan click here.


Thank you again for partnering with us to Restore Her Dream!