One Purse Heartbeat February 2018 Newsletter March 09 2018

I don’t know about you, but I tend to plan and operate in the realm of what I think is possible, and I sometimes forget that God’s specialty is doing the impossible! Along the way, He's been teaching me that if we want to love and lead others well, we need to believe that He can do the impossible, and prayer needs to precede any purpose that we are pursuing. When I think...

One Purse Heartbeat January 2018 Newsletter February 02 2018

One Purse experienced a wonderful year of outreach and action in 2017. One of our primary missions is to stand beside survivors and encourage them to embrace a new hope for their future. Through our One Purse Dream Workshops, we help survivors map out their personal and professional goals, and begin to dream again. It is a beautiful experience to see their eyes come alive with the possibilities and purposes...

One Purse Heartbeat December 2017 Newsletter December 28 2017

Merry Christmas One Purse Friends!I don’t know about you, but I find it easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle this time of year. Before I realize it, I’m treating Christmas more like a chore than a celebration, and I’m fretting about how I’m going to get it all done! My checklist, much like yours, is filled with tasks: decorating my home, baking cookies, shopping for loved...

One Purse Heartbeat November 2017 Newsletter November 28 2017

We are so thankful for you! This year has been filled with beautiful opportunities for investments of hope in the lives of survivors and it is all because of you! You have given generously, hosted gatherings, donated your gently loved purses, shared information with your friends, purchased handbags with purpose, and even marched at the Capitol with us to let your voices be heard for freedom. We are grateful here to continue reading...

One Purse Heartbeat October 2017 Newsletter October 29 2017

As we begin our journey toward the holiday season, I am reminded of those who are walking a difficult road. Those who may be facing this season with trepidation, or a sense of loneliness or discouragement. One of the scriptures that keeps our team at One Purse focused and energized is Hebrews here to continue reading the One Purse Heartbeat and view photos from recent events.

One Purse Heartbeat September 2017 Newsletter October 01 2017

According to statistics provided by the Human Trafficking Hotline, Orlando and Miami rank 3rd and 4th respectively in reported cases of trafficking per capita in the nation. That was before Hurricane Irma. Those most vulnerable to traffickers face even more dangers when a natural disaster strikes... Click here to continue reading the One Purse Heartbeat and view photos from recent events.

One Purse Heartbeat August 2017 Newsletter August 26 2017

"I love a fresh start. Whether it be a new season, a new job, or a new year. I always welcome an opportunity to begin again. In my house, this feels like it happens twice a year, once on January 1st and again when the kids go back to school. I know that July first is the start of the second half of the year, but for me, it always feels like...

One Purse Heartbeat July 2017 Newsletter August 13 2017

"One of the best parts of my role is when I get to tell survivors they are receiving a scholarship from One Purse. Even though we don't always get to see their reactions in person, hearing about the moment when they receive the news makes my heart smile..." Click here to continue reading the One Purse Heartbeat and view upcoming events.

One Purse Heartbeat June 2017 Newsletter June 24 2017

Many of you know that One Purse was born out of an experience I had with a purse. I fell in love with a handbag that I didn’t think I could live without, and then a tug on my heart said, "for the amount of money you are considering spending on that one purse, you could change someone else's life." Today I’ve had the privilege of seeing that divine inspiration and the power...

New TV Interview with One Purse Founder Heather Case June 21 2017

One Purse Founder Heather Case was interviewed recently for the Central Florida TV segment Polk Place. WATCH as Heather shares the history and the vision of One Purse.

One Purse Heartbeat May 2017 Newsletter May 31 2017

When I first heard the song “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams, I thought it was a powerful anthem of faith for survivors, One Purse hostesses, victim advocates, and supporters in the fight against trafficking. Click here to continue reading the full version of the One Purse Heartbeat Newsletter + listen to the full song and view lyrics!  

One Purse Heartbeat: April 2017 Newsletter April 30 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in and prayed for the 2017 Florida Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Day in Tallahassee. We had almost 200 individuals from around the state participate in the day’s events. It was a wonderful opportunity to come together and raise our voices for freedom. We kicked off the day with...Click here to continue reading the full version of the One Purse Heartbeat Newsletter.