I am a wife, a mother of four, and the Founder & CEO of One Purse.

In 2011, I stepped away from my 15+ year career in the finance industry. I felt a burden for vulnerable women and children so strong that I was compelled to take action. At that time I had no idea how wide spread the issue of sex trafficking was here in the United States, or how deep the wounds of trauma went in the lives of its victims. As the years went by and we began serving many different populations of vulnerable women and children, a pattern emerged. We identified an underserved and unique place of need among survivors of trafficking. 

Today at One Purse, we restore hope to generations, one story at a time, by mobilizing communities to use an everyday accessory as a tool for freedom.

Together, we can inspire hope in the lives of survivors and empower them to pursue their dreams. Our work is made possible by champions like you; individuals who are willing to fight for the dignity of every human being.  Through your partnership, survivors of trafficking are given the opportunity to build a healthy and sustainable future.

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