We are beyond honored you have chosen to dig in and do more. The impact from your event is going to be life-changing. One Purse Gatherings raise resources for the Restore Her Dream Fund to help survivors find their passions and pursue their dreams.

Thank you for partnering with us!


In the next few days, you will receive a call from a One Purse team member to discuss your Gathering.

After that, you will receive a Gathering Kit in the mail, full of event essentials:

  • Printed Hostess Guide & Instructions

  • Event Assets (Signs, Bag Tags, Handouts, etc)

  • Freedom to Dream Film


Save this page as a bookmark on your web browser. It is full of helpful details before, during, and after your event.

Listed below are the suggested timelines and highlights for hosting a successful event. A One Purse team member will be in contact soon to help answer your questions.

Let’s get started!





Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.02.01 PM.png

Feel free to contact a One Purse team member throughout your planning process.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Step 1

3 -5 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Choose Your Event Date

  • Create your Gathering’s Fundraising Link

  • Invite 1 - 3 close friends or family members to Co-Host with you.

  • Start sending out invitations and requests for Gently Loved* purse donations.

* Gently Loved: A high-quality purse free of stains, odors, or other noticeable blemishes.
Bags should be fully cleaned out prior to donation. Designer brands are preferred, but not required.

Step 2

2 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Send out an event reminder to your guests.

  • Follow-up with those that expressed interest in donating bags.

  • Be sure you are prepared with the following items for the event:

    • 2 Computers or iPads

    • 3 Tables or Display Surfaces

    • TV & DVD player (or USB Access)

    • Filler for Purses (Packing Paper, Brown Bags, etc)

    • Pens

    • Nametags (optional)

    • Plan for your Sips + Snacks (optional)

Step 3

Week of the Event

  • Prepare the donated bags.

    • Light cleaning, if needed

    • Stuffed to create desirable appearance

  • Send a final invite reminder to all guests for your event.

  • Pick up your Sips + Snacks (optional)




Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 2.21.32 PM.png

The schedule listed below is one that Previous Hostesses have had great success with.

Be sure to review the Hostess Guidebook in your Hostess Kit for full details.

35 min

WElcome + purpose

  • Guests Arrive, Check In, and Mingle.

  • Guests take a seat. Get comfy!

  • Welcomes Guests, Share about One Purse, and the Intention for the Gathering.

  • Premiere Freedom to Dream Film (11 minutes)

  • Time of Reflection & Small Conversation

30 min

Shop + Bid

  • Host + Co-Host explain the bag Selection and Bidding process.

  • Host shares the event goal towards the Restore Her Dream Fund.

  • Guests begin to Shop + Bid.

15 min

check-out + impact

  • Host + Co-Host share results of bags in competition.

  • Check-out: Guests make their donations and continue to mingle.

  • Final Remarks and Impact Update.



Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.06.13 PM.png

Step 1


  • Input any payments made by check and verify your total Fundraising amount.

  • Sort bags in to two categories:

    • Local Donation: Bags valued under $50 can be donated locally.

    • Boutique Bags: Bags valued $50+ should be mailed back to One Purse.

      • If desired, contact One Purse to receive a pre-paid shipping label.

Step 2


  • Be sure to send the following items back to the One Purse team:

    • Check Payments

    • Boutique Bags

    • Freedom to Dream DVD

    • Remaining unused One Purse assets

One Purse
2121 Camden Road, Suite C
Orlando, FL 32803

Step 3


You did it! You hosted a One Purse Gathering and made a life-changing impact for survivors. The only thing left to do is:




Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.02.01 PM.png

Listed below are the most valuable resources for hosting a successful Gathering.

Some items are instructional, and some items are mandatory.

If you still have questions after reviewing these items, please reach out to

Hostess GUidebook

This detailed guidebook will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on how to host a One Purse Gathering. In here, you will find event instructions, inspiration, and advice from successful previous Hostesses.

You will also find spaces throughout the guidebook for you to take notes, create your own reminders, and room for creativity.

This printed guidebook will be mailed to you and can be found inside of your Gathering Kit.


Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 12.09.23 PM.png


We have created a digital page for all your most requested items.

On this page you will find:

  • Instructional Videos

  • Templates & Directions

  • Images

Fundraising Link

You will need a fundraising link for your event. This is essentially your check-out register for guests who have chosen purses.

For guests who are unable to attend, or do not fall in love with a bag at your event - they are still able to support your event by making a donation.

Please review this page for a video with the full details on how to create and use your fundraising link.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.04.16 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 10.59.36 AM.png

Freedom to dream - a one purse film

We will be mailing you a physical copy of the film in your Gathering Kit. However, with today’s technology - some times it is easier to have a digital link to utilize.

Please feel free to use this link, but we ask two things:

  • Please do not share it prior to the event - as it is a main resource for you during the Gathering.

  • Please test this link on your smart TV prior to the event to ensure the internet speed is capable of showing the video without buffering or error.

Freedom to Dream: