Your One Purse can make a difference!

One Purse uses the power of the purse, an item every American woman has in her closet, to provide sex trafficking survivors with an opportunity to live free, embrace redemption, and pursue a confident future through our One Purse Restore Her Dream Fund.


An Interview with One Purse Founder Heather Case

Exchange a Purse, Change a Life: One Purse Gatherings are that simple

Exchange a Purse
Give up one or more gently loved purses from your own closet, and choose from the gently loved handbags that your girlfriends' generously give from their closets.

Change a Life

Make a donation in exchange for that “new to you” handbag, and you will be helping to restore the dreams of a survivor in need of your help.

You can do this with ladies in your Bible study, book club, MOPS group, sorority, or even with your co-workers or neighbors. Anywhere a group of women come together, you can turn it into a One Purse Gathering, and through your generosity the lives of survivors of sex trafficking will be touched and changed forever.

The story of the One Purse that has been changing lives ever since

(By Heather Case, Founder)

Believe it or not, One Purse was born out of an experience that I had with a handbag. I was shopping in an upscale consignment store, and I found a purse that I fell in love with. I wanted this purse so badly, but the price tag was a bit more than I could justify spending at the time, so I showed restraint and left the purse behind. However, this bag did not leave me.  I went back several times to visit the purse, and one time I even brought a friend along with me for encouragement. As I pondered my affections for this bag, God began to impress this thought upon my heart “for the amount of money you’re considering spending on this one purse, you could change a child's life.” I thought about this more, realizing the many indulgences that I had allowed myself in the past, and what needs I could have met, if I had chosen to bless someone else instead of myself.

While considering this idea, I came across a verse in my Bible that I had read many times before, but this time it seemed to jump off the page at me. In Luke 12, verses 33 and 34 Jesus said “Sell your possessions and give to those in need. This will store up treasure for you in heaven! And the purses of heaven never get old or develop holes. Your treasure will be safe; no thief can steal it and no moth can destroy it. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be"(NLT).

In May 2011 we hosted our very first One Purse Gathering. All of the women were invited to bring a gently loved handbag and choose another purse at the party in exchange for a donation to help change the life of another in need. It was a day filled with great purpose, a little fashion, and a lot of fun. We've seen God do some amazing things through gently loved purses and generous women like you. 

Your one purse can make a difference!

Gather your girlfriends and host a One Purse Gathering in your church, community, school, or home. All of the proceeds from our gatherings go to the One Purse Restore Her Dream Fund™, and are used to help sex trafficking survivors pursue a confident future. Exchange a Purse, Change a Life!

Together we can, Restore Her Dream.

Heather Case

Founder/Executive Director

One Purse Testimony