The One Purse Restore Her Dream Fund™ is a resource that helps fulfill the vocational and educational aspirations of sex trafficking survivors. 

If you are a survivor who has been served within our partner network, you are encouraged to apply for resources when you are ready to pursue the next right step toward your dreams. 

Are you enrolling in a vocational program and need financial assistance? Are you starting a degree program and need help with the cost of your books or other supporting expenses? Are you thinking of starting a business and need a particular license or certification? These are all things One Purse would love to consider assisting you with. 

Through the Dream Fund™ we want to do all that we can to empower your dreams!


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Our Dream Workshops are offered to survivors throughout our partner network to encourage the renewal of their dreams. Our content emphasizes a holistic approach to embracing freedom as a lifestyle and offers a roadmap to support survivors in building a healthy and sustainable future.

Together, we work on:

Education | Career | Relationships | Finances | Challenges

Our Dream Workshops give you the tools and encouragement to embrace the future you made to live.



As you transition to thrive, our Mentorship Program can offer you an additional layer of support. 

Having a community that believes in you and can offer you guidance and support throughout this critical phase of your journey is vital to your success.

Our Mentorship Program is available to all survivors who have received Dream Fund resources from One Purse.